Back to normal….in more ways than one.

September 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Talking to Wendy after her week long California vacation opened my eyes to a woman more determined and more focused than anyone else  in  accomplishing one specific goal – MUSIC SUCCESS.  I think her attitude, energy and talent have had quite a profound effect on me.  You see, I was blessed with many musical talents, especially in songwriting at such a young age.  But it’s a talent that I  somehow squandered and lost  over time.  A series of life changing events changed all that and now I suddenly see myself pursuing music in a way that I’ve never experienced before.  The biggest positive about this  is that there are adult type things that we don’t learn unless we experience pain.  And thankfully, a lot of pain equals hidden treasures for any artist.

Wendy Singing

So, getting back to Wendy’s musical goals, I’m more determined more than ever for us to succeed: her as an artist and me as a songwriter.  I’ve rediscovered my love of playing instruments and channeling various forms of emotional energy and translating all that to writing songs.  And as a bonus, last night I finally rediscovered an old confidence in my singing voice.  Somehow I forgot that I actually sang professionally more than a decade ago and my voice was temporarily reduced to frog-like squeaks and sounds.  Not anymore!

Wendy’s homecoming after a week long absence, and rediscovering my old voice after a decade long sabbatical, bring things back to normal….way long overdue.


Rainbow, Rhymes and Reasons …

September 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’ve always believed that rainbows are a sign of great things to come.  This past weekend, Utah has seen an incredible amount of thunderstorms which we all needed.  Lightning and thunder have a way of bringing so much beauty in nature – before, during and after the storm.  I also believe that major turning point type events in a person’s life are like thunderstorms.  Regardless of the outcome: before, during & after a major event is absolutely beautiful at so many levels.  Joy, heartache, stress, love, learn, growth….and most of all, LIFE.  These are a few words I can think of after that type of experience in a person’s life.


Which brings me to my point. At the end of a major event in my life, I felt a deep inclination to reevaluate what I really wanted to do at this point.  So, I dug up old plans, threw away existing ones and cleared up my schedule to open new avenues to explore.  Somehow that gave my brain and heart that much needed clarity on the projects that I should be pursuing. Feeling that type of newness, passion and inner ephiphanies, I started writing music non-stop like I always do after an emotional turmoil.  Music is what feeds my soul the most and I was able to compose 5 songs within a weekend – so wooo hooo!!!!  Pat in the back for me 🙂  And I supposed this can only benefit my music goals with Wendy – HAHA!

Last night, I worked with Dani to get things rolling with  Following an honest SWOT analysis of the venture, I feel like we really have something good to work on. I’m very lucky to be so close to such a smart girl, extremely wise, and giver of the best advice on life.

Afterwards, I talked and hung out with a dear friend and a cool mutual friend.  A good and honest conversation have done wonders, and  I feel like the resolution I was looking for from a recent falling out has come full circle.  I think that I can finally move on to the future amazing projects I’ve been planning on for a while.

Today is the day my website was truly born…

September 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

montage 1Beginning Filmmaker Project with Dani

Today I went online, created a web blog and at the same time officially organized a production company that tracks everything I do in the creative arts. I realized the hard way how intensely exciting and wonderfully rewarding it is to pursue a creative endeavor, but mostly at the expense of another project or goal. I’ve involved myself in many aspects of filmmaking, music, and photography over the years; resulting in some quality compromises and major contribution to an insanely busy life. So, I’ve learned to delegate a lot of responsibilities to people who are more qualified than I am at certain aspects. I’ve also learned to focus more on different segments….one thing at a time.

This blog’s purpose is track my involvement in amazing projects with amazing people. I’ve made a firm promise to myself to only get involved in projects of the highest quality, greatest reward and maximum potential. Check on the above tabs to find out more about each one!!!